Urbez Capablo

Musician and interactive developer

Who am I?

First of all, welcome to my website!

My name is Urbez Capablo Riazuelo and I am from Zaragoza (Spain) although I’ve been living and working in Barcelona for several years already. My main work is to create shows, installations and media products related to music an interaction. And I also love mountains!

Actually, at the beginning I was just a musician: I studied at Musikene (Basque Country Conservatorium) the highest degree in piano playing with a contemporary music specialisation and then a postgraduate in Holland. I even prepared several public exams for being a piano teacher in many conservatories. It didn’t work: sometimes, public employment can be very endogamic and there was no place for me.

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It wasn’t so bad since, at that moment, I decided to move to Barcelona to expand my knowledge and to start another postgraduate, but this time in Sonology at the ESMUC. During that year, I learned many things related to music technology, from music production and recording to computer programming. But above all I met very interesting people who allowed me to start working on incredible projects.

One year later, I had already presented my first installation at the Barcelona Sonar Festival and I was about to start a master in Sound and Music Computing with the MTG. There I discover my passion for technology and computer programming and also learned many fascinating fields such as interactivity, machine learning, computer vision among other delights.

At the same time, a very beautiful project was starting in Barcelona: the Mixtur festival. A festival of music and sound art of our time which I started to collaborate with. Many years later, I have the pleasure to be its technical manager.

If you want to know a little more about me, you could visit the portfolio tab to see my main works and with whom I’ve been working with. You can also write me something from the contact page to propose some type of collaboration or even to know me a little more.

See you around!

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